How to use it

By using the jiggin pole pressed underneath the elbow. Also using your 4 fingers of the opposite hand allows you full motion to cast and effectively work a bait up to 30 feet away and up to a depth of 35 feet.  Can easily be used by children, women, adults holding the rod with one hand, two hands or under the elbow for the most effective method.  While using the jiggin pole there are three main points that must be used to effectively catch more fish.

  1. Very slow motion moving your bait six inches up and six inches down.
  2. Keeping a tight line to maintain contact with your bait.
  3. Keep your bait constantly moving swimming mimicking the swimming action of live bait

 In recognizing a strike here are some key points:

  • A slight twitch in the line.
  • Sideways movement of the line.
  • A defined tap on the line
  • A pull on the line.  
  • Slack appears in your line because a fish has struck your bait and is on the rise. 

All of these can only work while tight lining.  Once any of these points are detected while fishing a sharp upward jerk is need to set the hook properly and secure your catch.  

What's the Difference?

This pole  allows you to reach all areas of game fish habitat like never seen before. Fish under piers, docks, underwater logs and structures with ease. It enables you to cast up to 30' feet while allowing you bait to fly 6 inches above the surface of the water to reach areas you never thought possible. Also allows you to fish down into structures by using our weed guard system ( similar to worm fishing for Bass) and effectively work an entire area to locate and ultimately catch more fish. Getting lucky is winning then lottery. To build consistent luck fishing you must first combine knowledge with experience and timing. We want you to create your own luck with our 30 years of expertise in jig fishing. 

What Is a Jiggin Pole?

A Jiggin' Pole is the cross between a fly rod, cane pole and ultra light casting rod that combines all the features into one system of fishing. While only weighing 4 ounces, that's right 4 ounces it is strong yet super light weight with a medium flex actioned tip for supreme casting abilities. It is perfectly balanced and extremely versatile. It carries a machine fitted joint that can break down into a two pieces for easy storage. Stainless steel guides are perfectly placed for ultimate feel and are unbreakable.   The stainless steel guides allows for ultimate sensitivity  while never allowing your line to stick to the pole and will not cut the line while landing gamefish.  It's lightweight reel comes with 60 ft of golden fluorescent 8lb test stren line that allows you to see your line at all times. This pole is also waterproof and will float if by accident it is dropped into the water.   While only weighing four ounces including reel and line we a positive is pole will become your ultimate fishing tool that can be used by all ages including children, men, women and seniors.