How to use it

By using the jiggin pole pressed underneath the elbow. Also using your 4 fingers of the opposite hand allows you full motion to cast and effectively work a bait up to 30 feet away and up to a depth of 35 feet.  Can easily be used by children, women, adults holding the rod with one hand, two hands or under the elbow for the most effective method.  While using the jiggin pole there are three main points that must be used to effectively catch more fish.

  1. Very slow motion moving your bait six inches up and six inches down.
  2. Keeping a tight line to maintain contact with your bait.
  3. Keep your bait constantly moving swimming mimicking the swimming action of live bait

 In recognizing a strike here are some key points:

  • A slight twitch in the line.
  • Sideways movement of the line.
  • A defined tap on the line
  • A pull on the line.  
  • Slack appears in your line because a fish has struck your bait and is on the rise. 

All of these can only work while tight lining.  Once any of these points are detected while fishing a sharp upward jerk is need to set the hook properly and secure your catch.