The perfect team — Over 40 Years of Knowledge between the both to help you.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

JB Salter Sr.

JB Salter Invented Salter's Jiggin' Pole in 1981. With his love for fly fishing and using an ultra light casting rod he felt that there was a missing link in the fishing chain and sought out to find the solution. The first model consisted of a cane pole with guides sewed to the pole and the adventure was started. In 1984 as technology evolved he moved into the fiberglass age and started to guide and promote his new invention. He was able to combine the characteristics of a fly rod, cane pole and ultra light casting rod into one complete fishing system. This invention allows you to reach every area of game fish habitat like no one has ever seen. Since that day we have sold over 40,000 and counting of his famous rods. As graphite came available it is now the ultimate fishing tool. JB has written weekly articles with woods and water magazine 11 years. Has been featured in hundreds of articles including Louisiana Sportsman, field and stream etc. , his latest series was featured on the outdoor kitchen show and he displays his rod and fishing style that can be taken back to anyone's style of fishing which allows the to find and ultimately catch more fish. At 86 years of age he has now passed on his business and techniques to his son JB Salter jr. " Blaine" who's passion is to pass down the many years of knowledge and experience to help anglers get the edge and increase their catch.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

James Blaine Salter Jr.

I am James Blaine Salter Jr. ( Blaine ) My father is J.B. Salter Sr. I once read these words written by my father. "We are all born not knowing anything. As life begins we start to acquire knowledge and experience things which will shape our life and learn about the world and things with in it". Fishing being one of those. We learn about fishing over time and gain knowledge that is stored as we get older. We learn from our fathers, books, movies, TV shows and fishing experiences. Most of all from other people. For over 40 years I listened and watched and incorporated some of the techniques from other styles of fishing and incorporated these into the methods we now teach to anyone wanting to become a more successful pan fishermen.